A Guide To Thrifting

For me, thrift shopping is the best retail therapy out there. There’s nothing like finding something great and cute for an even better price. I created this guide in hopes of helping you find some awesome things the next time you hit up your local GoodWill, Salvation Army, Red/White/Blue Thrift, and so on.

When it comes to thrifting I feel like 50% of it is luck, 25% is motivation, and the other 25% is skill.

Luck: You don’t know what to expect. You can’t look up their inventory or what’s for sale online. It’s always a gamble.

Motivation: However, with the right attitude, your chances of finding good things are in your favor.

Skill: How you approach the store and manage your time as well as energy changes the game.

First, put on some comfortable/old/easy clothes. Thrift stores are filled with clothes that have been in there for a long time and are probably older than you are. GoodWill’s aren’t always well-kept and they can be very dirty. You’re also going to be trying on a lot of clothes. I recommend a dress and some sandals. Bring hand sanitizer and some water.

When arriving at the store, grab a cart and pick a section to start. Most GoodWill’s have the following sections: Juniors, Kids, Women’s, Jeans, Men’s, Designer, Home, and Shoes.

If you don’t want to dive into clothes right away, start off in the Shoes or Home department because that’s where you’ll find all sorts of things like purses, belts, mugs, fancy china, and cute unique decorations for your home/dorm/room.

When looking for clothes, I usually just pick a spot/aisle and start going through every article of clothing on the rack. In department stores, you know what you’re going to see if you look through the rack because there’s usually a model in front of it and multiple sizes of the same item. That’s not the case at GoodWill– You may love a shirt, but it might not fit.

When something finally catches your eye, look for the following things:

Stains, holes, tears, and wear. On a shirt, check the armpits, collar, and belly area. For pants, look out for any stains near the thighs & check how worn it looks in the crotch area. Make sure the ends of the sleeves are clean on a jacket. Check if the zipper on a dress works and isn’t broken off. Count all the buttons on the shirt and see that it has all of them. For shoes, don’t be intimidated but also try to bring some socks so you can try on the shoes on comfortably and in a more sanitary way.

If it’s something that’s way out of your style but still interests you, put it in the cart anyway. The goal isn’t to just find what you’re looking for and get out. You want to find something unexpected that you end up loving because it’s so different.

Depending on how much time I have, I’ll (literally) go through every relevant aisle at Goodwill and throw anything I like into my cart. By the time I’m ready to try on clothes, my cart will be full. Out of the 30 items I have, I’ll probably leave with 2-5 things I genuinely like. It’s a struggle sometimes but it’s a great feeling knowing that I’m paying no more than $20 for a new outfit.

If you haven’t found anything, do not fret. They put out new clothes on a weekly basis and you can go back and forth between the different thrift stores in your area because they’ll always be changing things up.

BONUS: Most thrift stores offer student discounts so don’t forget to take your I.D. Goodwill offers a 15% discount on Wednesdays for students and a senior citizen discount on Tuesdays. They also have a “color of the week” promotion where any article of clothing with the tag that matches the color of the week is 50% off.


Next up: A thrifting haul. In my next post, I’m going to share all the amazing outfits I’ve created that were 99% thrifted. Do you have any thrifting hacks? Let me know 🙂


New Goodwill! #Thrifting

Not too long ago, I was driving home & I spotted a Goodwill Super Store I had not seen before. Turns out it is new & opened this past Saturday. My mom & I decided to check it out.

I feel like there is much more room for improvement at this Goodwill. The “juniors” section was full of clothes I’d typically see at the mall. There is nothing wrong with that but I tend to go to Goodwill for the difference in the types of clothes you can find there, not only the difference in price. I found a lot of nice dresses but most of them were from common stores– Forever 21, Agaci, Charlotte Russe, etc. It’s as though Goodwill is just trying to be a cheaper & used mall. I appreciate their efforts but stay unique Goodwill! It’s what I enjoy about you the most.

Finding Comfort in Thrift

Here I stand in between two clothing racks of my favorite GoodWills.
Here I stand in between two clothing racks of my favorite GoodWills.

I’ve been going to thrift shops ever since I was a little girl. My mother would take me everywhere from GoodWill and the Salvation Army to garage sales and church rummages. It’s not that the clothes are cheaper (which is a plus) but a lot of times you find treasures in another person’s closet.

Throughout the years, I’ve learned to define my style without focusing on what was trending in the mainstream media. I’m not exactly sure HOW to describe my style but, a lot of times, I find myself wrapped in the simplest of clothes yet filled with confidence.

Yet, people discredit thrifting.

“You’re buying dead peoples clothes.”

“You don’t know who’s worn these before.”

“All these clothes are outdated.”

Despite all the negative remarks, little do people know that thrift stores have a psychic ability to determine what the next trend will be. Remember: history repeats itself & what comes around goes around. Not in the sense of karma, of course but fashion is never something NEW. It’s a remake, a different version, a similar style. That, in essence, is what makes it NEW but something always precedes it.

My point? I find comfort in between the clothing racks of a thrift store. I find comfort in knowing that the chances of someone having the same pair of jeans or blouse as me are slim to none. I find comfort in sharing these thrifting adventures with my mom and other people I care about. I find comfort in knowing that the shirt or shorts I just bought are going to be taken care of well, as long as they’re with me. I find comfort knowing I don’t feel the need to go with whatever is trending.

I hope you find your comfortable place too.

Fun Day w/ Two Awesome People!

Today I went out with my awesome friends, Jesus & Stephanie!

I picked them up & then headed to GoodWill where we checked out some weird vinyls & dead people’s clothing. (Stephanie wouldn’t stop bringing up the probability that the clothes we were touching were from people who were dead.)

Then we went to Pembroke Lakes Mall where we just walked around & enjoyed beautiful jewelry from Forever 21 and hid from Stephanie at Gap. Along the way, Jesus & Steph showed me some awesome tunes & I shared all my faces and screams that happen as I drive.

Enjoy the pics of my day 🙂










Old Stereo

I love going to goodwill because that’s where everyone donates their unwanted and out of style belongings.

The other day I went and I saw this stereo. It was a radio and a record, cd, and tape cassette player. It looked brand new.

It’s funny how times change, and everyone uses Spotify or Pandora Radio or iTunes Radio to listen to music. Nobody takes the time to buy a tape cassette (mainly because they probably don’t even make them anymore) or a CD. They just download the album from the internet. Now, record players and vinyls are coming back into style but mainly because it’s cool. 

Anyways, take the time to go out to your local goodwill or neighbors yard sale and look at all the things they’re selling. It may be something pretty cool. It may be something that will come back into style. It may be something lame. It may be something that shouldn’t even be put out on a table and be sold and if that’s the case feel free to give your neighbor or goodwill employee a dirty look.

Just kidding, don’t.

Happy spring break everyone!




Thrift Shopping


Photo Creds: missguidedmagazine.com

No, I don’t mean Macklemore’s big hit “Thrift Shop.” I’m talking about Good Will, The Salvation Army, Red White and Blue, Savers, Yard Sales, Garage Sales, and wherever else you can find cheap and used clothes.

People are just now discovering that thrift shopping is a simple and cost effective way of getting unique clothing.

The benefits of going thrift shopping is that no one else will have whatever you buy. Your clothing become exclusive.

Most people should know how thrift shopping works: through the donation of clothing from various people to their local thrift stores.

Not only is “thrifting” a distinctive way to find diverse clothing – it is also a lot more economical.

“I save about $75 to $100 when I go thrifting in comparison to buying my clothes at the mall,” said Joshua Rosales, a friend of mine that enjoys thrifting.

The average price for a shirt at Good Will is $4-$6 and they offer an additional 50% off when the tag is a specific color, and on Tuesdays there is a discount for senior citizens and on Wednesdays they give an extra 15% off to students.

“Thrifting” is becoming more popular because fashion trends that derived from 1970’s are now falling back into style.  The typical styles are circle skirts, cropped tops, collared blouses/shirts, and high-waisted shorts/jeans.

All these are fairly easy to make if you’re interested in that type of style!

If you like high-waisted shorts, you can go ahead and visit EM-Shorts… The shorts are affordable and cute!