Puerto Ricoooo

This past Spring Break, I went to PUERTO RICO with my good friends Ankevia, Esmeralda, and Jephte. We decided we wanted to go somewhere for spring break and after some planning, ultimately chose San Juan, Puerto Rico. We booked our flights and an Airbnb and on May 11th, we headed to the airport to commence our spring break adventures. Check out some cool pictures and a short description of my days in PR down below!

Saturday, March 11th

It was our first day in Miramar, San Juan at our Airbnb. Our host, Coral, was really cool and the town we were at reminded me a lot of Wynwood in Miami in the type of art that covered the streets. Acquiring food was our first mission and it was a successful one. Afterwards, we joined other tourists and residents in a block watch-party for a baseball game.

Sunday, March 12th

I would die happy if I had cafe con leche, tostada, and revoltillo for the rest of my life. That was our breakfast almost everyday in Puerto Rico and I miss it already. Today we also hit up Old San Juan and explored the island. It’s rich in history and I definitely recommend visiting El Morro Castillo. I also tried Mofongo– a dish Puerto Rico is well known for.

Monday, March 13th

On Monday, we visited El Yunque Rainforest. It’s beautiful and it was fun to explore but be wary of Uber’s & Taxi’s that take you up there. I recommend booking a tour or renting a car and driving there yourself. Later that night we went to a place a lot of locals recommended, “La Respuesta,” a popular night club. It was lit!

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Tuesday, March 14th

We went back to Old San Juan to continue exploring. It was only a $1 bus ride away so why not? This time I did some shopping and checked out la “Plaza de Armas de San Cristobal.”

Wednesday, March 15th

Repeat of Old San Juan and a chill day spent napping at a park and walking around our block.

Thursday, March 16th

We were on our way to el “Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Puerto Rico” and stumbled upon a thrift store! After the museum, we hit the beach for the remainder of the day.

Friday, March 17th

Alas, all good things must come to an end. It was our last day in Puerto Rico so we enjoyed another delicious Puerto Rican breakfast nearby and headed to the airport.

This was my first trip with just friends & it was definitely one I’m always going to remember.

“We didn’t spring break, we sprung BROKE.” -Ankevia




#TreatYoSelf: Pool Day

On Wednesday, Daniel, Gaby, Nathalie, and I went to the pool! We had a nice time and afterwards, we hit up Publix for Ben & Jerry’s as well as some BOGO free pizza. Daniel also re-introduced me to Animal Crossing (<3)

All in all, it was a really chill & fun day. Can’t wait for our next pool/beach/movie day/night! (S/O to Nathalie for all the awesome pics)

Photo Mar 23, 3 48 40 PM
Daniel wanting to get in the pool without actually getting wet.
Photo Mar 23, 3 54 31 PM
This floating contraption is SO difficult to get on!
Photo Mar 23, 3 55 19 PM
This is posed. This is a FAKE jump.
Photo Mar 23, 3 58 53 PM
Since Daniel didn’t want to get in the water, I pretended to be a shark so I could drag him in the water but ALAS, he escaped…
Photo Mar 23, 4 39 35 PM
Daniel feeding me some worms… Maybe I am a shark.. Or a dolphin (?)
Photo Mar 23, 4 26 15 PM
I was trying to sit in the center of the floatie donut so I jumped onto it and it was a bad move… I ended up doing a full back flip in the water.
Photo Mar 23, 7 58 43 PM
After the pool, I played Animal Crossing and ate pizza.
Photo Mar 23, 8 33 52 PM
We also had a bit of the Pink Room with us. We got some delicious regular and mint dark chocolate!
Photo Mar 23, 9 06 49 PM
Cranium iS FUN! Gaby is the best team mate :3


Sprang Break: #TreatYoSelf

Inspired by Parks N Rec’s Donna & Tom, I have decided to make my spring break a constant #TreatYoSelf. The expression means to simply treat yourself; To indulge & spoil yourself. I chose to treat myself to a fun SPRANG BREAK & have a great time with close friends. Here’s yesterday!



I officially declare this spring break a successful one. There wasn’t a day I stayed home, there wasn’t a moment I spent bored, and there wasn’t a time I wasn’t happy. I have so many photos, stories, and laughs to share. Here’s a gist of it all.

Hopefully you enjoyed your spring break too!

Old Stereo

I love going to goodwill because that’s where everyone donates their unwanted and out of style belongings.

The other day I went and I saw this stereo. It was a radio and a record, cd, and tape cassette player. It looked brand new.

It’s funny how times change, and everyone uses Spotify or Pandora Radio or iTunes Radio to listen to music. Nobody takes the time to buy a tape cassette (mainly because they probably don’t even make them anymore) or a CD. They just download the album from the internet. Now, record players and vinyls are coming back into style but mainly because it’s cool. 

Anyways, take the time to go out to your local goodwill or neighbors yard sale and look at all the things they’re selling. It may be something pretty cool. It may be something that will come back into style. It may be something lame. It may be something that shouldn’t even be put out on a table and be sold and if that’s the case feel free to give your neighbor or goodwill employee a dirty look.

Just kidding, don’t.

Happy spring break everyone!