Puerto Ricoooo

Just a couple of friends who decided to travel someplace cool for Spring Break. Puerto Rico, you treated us well!


#TreatYoSelf: Pool Day

On Wednesday, Daniel, Gaby, Nathalie, and I went to the pool! We had a nice time and afterwards, we hit up Publix for Ben & Jerry's as well as some BOGO free pizza. Daniel also re-introduced me to Animal Crossing (<3) All in all, it was a really chill & fun day. Can't wait for … Continue reading #TreatYoSelf: Pool Day


I officially declare this spring break a successful one. There wasn't a day I stayed home, there wasn't a moment I spent bored, and there wasn't a time I wasn't happy. I have so many photos, stories, and laughs to share. Here's a gist of it all. Hopefully you enjoyed your spring break too!

Old Stereo

I love going to goodwill because that's where everyone donates their unwanted and out of style belongings. The other day I went and I saw this stereo. It was a radio and a record, cd, and tape cassette player. It looked brand new. It's funny how times change, and everyone uses Spotify or Pandora Radio or … Continue reading Old Stereo