Puerto Ricoooo

Just a couple of friends who decided to travel someplace cool for Spring Break. Puerto Rico, you treated us well!


Photoset: Cancun & Cozumel

Took a quick trip to Mexico a few weekends ago & I got some lovely shots of different things around Cancun and Cozumel! Color palette: Photos:   Here are some pictures with me & my fam in Mexico!

Photoset: Trees

I'm not sure what exactly draws me to look up at a tree and take a picture of it. Something about it's silhouette or the way the sun sets on each individual leaf. Maybe it's how the branches take a fierce form or how they pierce the blank blue sky. I've taken a lot of photos out … Continue reading Photoset: Trees

iPhone Photography: Nature

Every where I go is an opportunity to capture some great photos of my every day life. You'd be surprised where I took most of these photos yet some seem as though they were taken at a completely different location. I hope you enjoy and admire these photos I took on my iPhone 6. They're all … Continue reading iPhone Photography: Nature