A Guide To Thrifting

For me, thrift shopping is the best retail therapy out there. There's nothing like finding something great and cute for an even better price. I created this guide in hopes of helping you find some awesome things the next time you hit up your local GoodWill, Salvation Army, Red/White/Blue Thrift, and so on. When it comes to thrifting … Continue reading A Guide To Thrifting


Caramel Frappes a la Stephanie

The other weekend, I stopped by Stephanie's house. We hung out, watched Unbroken, and played around with her new blender & coffee machine. She made me a delicious caramel frappe. With her permission, here are the steps to make it:

Parents Guide To Twitter

Parents, if you feel the need to join your kids or co-workers or family and get a Twitter, go ahead. But there are a few things you should know when making and using a Twitter account. Along with Facebook, Twitter, is the newest and most thriving social media website. According to Next Advisor, an independent … Continue reading Parents Guide To Twitter