Puerto Ricoooo

Just a couple of friends who decided to travel someplace cool for Spring Break. Puerto Rico, you treated us well!


Here’s what happened May & June:

It's been a while since I've posted something... But I have good reasons (with photographic evidence) as to why! May Capstone: My school is an academy based school and within my academy and strand (Journalism) we have capstone. It's a project where we have to create a product or service that debuts all the skills we've … Continue reading Here’s what happened May & June:

The Start of Senior Year

About three weeks into my senior year and things haven't been quite easy. All my classes are AP and in addition to that I have a yearbook to create. I'm not complaining though. I like how things are going. I naturally enjoy being busy! It's my last year of high school and I'm just trying to … Continue reading The Start of Senior Year


I officially declare this spring break a successful one. There wasn't a day I stayed home, there wasn't a moment I spent bored, and there wasn't a time I wasn't happy. I have so many photos, stories, and laughs to share. Here's a gist of it all. Hopefully you enjoyed your spring break too!

Fun Day w/ Two Awesome People!

Today I went out with my awesome friends, Jesus & Stephanie! I picked them up & then headed to GoodWill where we checked out some weird vinyls & dead people's clothing. (Stephanie wouldn't stop bringing up the probability that the clothes we were touching were from people who were dead.) Then we went to Pembroke … Continue reading Fun Day w/ Two Awesome People!