Puerto Ricoooo

Just a couple of friends who decided to travel someplace cool for Spring Break. Puerto Rico, you treated us well!


#TreatYoSelf: Nitrogen Ice Cream

Have you ever heard of nitrogen infused ice cream? It's a pretty cool concept & it apparently tastes better than regular ice cream! This past Sunday, I visited Chill-N, an ice cream shop in Aventura. So why eat this ice cream? Well apparently, liquid nitrogen freezes really fast and that reduces the size of the … Continue reading #TreatYoSelf: Nitrogen Ice Cream

Sweet Crackers!

In addition to my 2016 resolution to read more, I decided to continue dabbling in all forms of art, even the art of creating food. Whenever I get the chance to scroll through my Facebook feed, I find myself watching video after video. If I'm not watching make up tutorials, I'm looking at those 30 second … Continue reading Sweet Crackers!