This past Saturday, my roommate and I, along with several hundred Tallahassee residents and college students, went out and marched in protest of the Muslim ban, a recent executive order signed by President Trump that bans the entry into the U.S. from several predominately Muslim countries and the wall that Trump has proposed to build. The event was led by the Women’s March Florida Tallahassee/Panhandle Chapter who partnered with FSU’s Students for Justice in Palestine.

It was my first time actively participating in a protest and it was an exhilarating experience. We all met up in the Free Speech Zone on the Florida State campus where we were given directions, guidelines, and warnings (specifically those that were more at risk for targeted hate-crimes like people in the LGBT community or Muslims participating) in case someone from outside the protest wanted to get violent with us.

The march ran all the way from FSU to the Florida Capitol building where we had guest speakers share personal stories about how the ban affects them and/or their loved ones. It was inspiring to hear their stories because they were fighting for something they believe in which was that we should be helping those in need, not shutting our doors (or building walls) on them.

Some of the phrases we shouted while marching were humorous and others were very truthful so I thought I’d share them:

“Donald Trump, you orange clown, build a wall? We’ll tear it down.”

“Say it loud, say it clear: Refugees are welcome here.”

“Power to the people. No one is illegal”

“When Trump threatens Muslim lives, resistance is justified.”

“Do not shut U.S. doors on people hurt by U.S. wars.”


While we were protesting in front of the Capitol, people in cars flicked us off and shouted while others honked in support. It saddens me to know that people agree with the hateful rhetoric Trump spews but also seeing hundreds of others in solidarity gave me hope. Here are some pictures of the march:

The Start of Spring Semester

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted on my blog & I have a feeling every one of my intros from here on out will start that way. Life gets busy, what can I say?

Winter break was fun! I got to reconnect with my closest friends as well as make some new ones. I’m one week into Spring semester & I’m happy with all my classes. I signed up for ADV3008: Intro to Advertising and I am beyond excited for it. While in class, I had the realization that this class and subject felt right to be in. It’s something I can see myself doing and that’s a nice feeling. I hope I don’t change my mind and I hope things do work out but I’m taking it day by day.

Some of my New Year resolutions include:

  1. Gym 5 out 7 days, let’s get it.
  2. Straight A’s this semester, dale.
  3. Apply to an internship or get involved with an organization.
  4. Learn to code. This will be a gateway to my life long dream of becoming a hacker.
  5. Spend more time practicing my graphic design skills.
  6. Learn more about philosophy/philosophers & read poetry.

We’re half way through the first month of 2017 and I hope it’s treating you well. I have a good feeling about this one.

The Start of College

First week of college and we got hit by hurricane Hermine. Now, a month into college, things are settling down, and so far it’s going well!

There are so many things happening on campus all the time. There was an involvement fair last week where I signed up for a bunch of different clubs–Advertising Club, Portuguese Club, Photography Club, Design Club, Crossfit & a bunch of other ones that show up in my inbox from time to time. I try to go to the gym everyday and I find myself at the library often.

I’m still working on time management. Some days I feel like I have a lot of time to get everything done while other days I stay up until 3AM just to catch up.

My dorm is slowly starting to feel like my home away from home. My roommate, Esmeralda, & I get along pretty well & are into the same things. Here we were going to our first game– FSU vs. Charleston. FSU won!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Me and Esmeralda before our first game: FSU vs. Charleston!

Here are some pictures of my dorm:

I took some pics of campus so hopefully I’ll be able to upload those to my blog soon! Here’s to the start of college..

The Start of Senior Year

About three weeks into my senior year and things haven’t been quite easy. All my classes are AP and in addition to that I have a yearbook to create. I’m not complaining though. I like how things are going. I naturally enjoy being busy! It’s my last year of high school and I’m just trying to make the best of it. I’ve already had several fun times with my friends. This past week, we took some photos after school in our crowns. Here they are!

(Some seniors are missing from these pics.)

Difference Between Social Media Platforms

I love social media. I really do. However, if you sit back and think about all of the platforms– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Snapchat, Vine– you’ll notice, they all do the same thing. What’s the difference? The audience. And that is what determines how and what you post.

Photos, filters, videos, captions, likes, favorites, shares–each social media platform is a different combination of these things. These applications all serve the same purpose by doing and having similar features. However, their strength does not lie in their features but in the audience using those features.

For example, most professional companies/businesses tend to use Twitter and Facebook to reach their customers. They engage with them, share promotions with them, as well as advertise to them through those social media platforms. It would be unusual to see law firms posting selfies or pictures of documents on Snapchat or Instagram.

For news organizations, the best and fastest way to get information out there would be via Twitter and Snapchat. A tweet is short and quick. A snap is limited yet informative. Chances are, there isn’t enough time to create a graphic with information about something that happened minutes ago and then post it on Instagram. By then, the news won’t be so #BREAKING.

Vine has transformed the way businesses, news organizations, and personal bloggers share information and experiences. With only seven seconds of footage, information is quick and straight to the point. Videos don’t have much room for creativity, but when they are, it’s definitely worth looping.

All social media platforms serve to connect people to people. In doing so, they each  have their own set of characteristics that define their niche. Facebook is more family-oriented and business-heavy. Every refresh on Twitter consists of a whole new set of tweets about entirely different topics. Instagram is photo-heavy and serves as more of a reflection of the day for most users as well as a quick blog post. Snapchat is basically a live-blog that is updated throughout the day with videos, pictures, and geotags. Vine is a creative-challenge that tests users on how much content they can fit in seven seconds.

All these applications have the same features yet they are all used in different ways in accordance to their distinct audiences. That’s why they exist and that’s why they can’t technically cancel each other out.

Hope this explanation helped you better understand social media. If you like’d what you read, check out another story I wrote about this topic: The Power of Social Media.

I Am Officially Official

My journalism class is currently my most important class. It’s more than just doing assignments and getting grades. It’s the one class that I believe is genuinely preparing me for my future. With the help and support of an amazing person, Mrs. Borges, my future looks bright.

One thing she’s taught me is that, as journalists, we’re always networking. That being said, it’s important to keep up your appearance and what’s more professional than a business card? BAM! So, folks, here is my officially official business card.

We’ll be in touch.  

R.I.P Lizard

Viewer discretion is advised.

I was walking around my high school campus and notices a dead lizard. I’m not sure how he died but I guess the journalist in me still decided that it would make a great photo op. (Sorry?)

Let me know what you think of the photo (the angle, the colors, the focus, the space, etc.)

I like this shot because the lizard has his hands in a position of a sort of “last good bye.” It is very dramatic. It’s also good because since it’s at the top of the photo it seems glorified. The irony in that is that it was probably just hit by one of the golf carts the administration rides in.

The lizard now lies peacefully in a little inch deep hole in the ground where it can relax for the rest of its eternity.