Summer In Tallahassee

I decided to spend #Summer2k18 in Tallahassee. Here are the pros and cons of such decision. PROS: Parking availability. VIP parking right next to my classes. Less people on the road, campus, gym, library, etc. The world is mine (and a select few). CONS: Hace un calor de [redacted]. It's hot. Rain, rain, and more … Continue reading Summer In Tallahassee


Notetaking for the Aesthetic

Advice on taking PRETTY notes that will ultimately help you while studying.


This past Saturday, my roommate and I, along with several hundred Tallahassee residents and college students, went out and marched in protest of the Muslim ban, a recent executive order signed by President Trump that bans the entry into the U.S. from several predominately Muslim countries and the wall that Trump has proposed to build. The … Continue reading #NoBanNoWall

The Start of Spring Semester

It's been a while since I've last posted on my blog & I have a feeling every one of my intros from here on out will start that way. Life gets busy, what can I say? Winter break was fun! I got to reconnect with my closest friends as well as make some new ones. … Continue reading The Start of Spring Semester

The Start of College

First week of college and we got hit by hurricane Hermine. Now, a month into college, things are settling down, and so far it's going well! There are so many things happening on campus all the time. There was an involvement fair last week where I signed up for a bunch of different clubs–Advertising Club, Portuguese Club, … Continue reading The Start of College

The Start of Senior Year

About three weeks into my senior year and things haven't been quite easy. All my classes are AP and in addition to that I have a yearbook to create. I'm not complaining though. I like how things are going. I naturally enjoy being busy! It's my last year of high school and I'm just trying to … Continue reading The Start of Senior Year

Difference Between Social Media Platforms

I love social media. I really do. However, if you sit back and think about all of the platforms– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Snapchat, Vine– you'll notice, they all do the same thing. What's the difference? The audience. And that is what determines how and what you post. Photos, filters, videos, captions, likes, favorites, shares–each … Continue reading Difference Between Social Media Platforms

I Am Officially Official

My journalism class is currently my most important class. It's more than just doing assignments and getting grades. It's the one class that I believe is genuinely preparing me for my future. With the help and support of an amazing person, Mrs. Borges, my future looks bright. One thing she's taught me is that, as journalists, … Continue reading I Am Officially Official

MLEC’s Harvest Fest 2014

Harvest Fest is MLEC's biggest event of the year. Here's what to expect when you’re there: All the clubs line up throughout and surround the gym to sell food, delicious goods, random gifts, and games. Because of that, you should bring enough money to treat yourself to a night of fun. If you haven't already … Continue reading MLEC’s Harvest Fest 2014