My Top 10 Albums in 2017

This year, I discovered so many artists & my taste in music expanded immensely. It was a good year for music and I wanted to share my cream of the crop, the artists whose albums I fell in love with inside and out leaving behind no song. There were moments where I felt stuck, as … Continue reading My Top 10 Albums in 2017



This past Saturday, my roommate and I, along with several hundred Tallahassee residents and college students, went out and marched in protest of the Muslim ban, a recent executive order signed by President Trump that bans the entry into the U.S. from several predominately Muslim countries and the wall that Trump has proposed to build. The … Continue reading #NoBanNoWall

Body Awareness

“Without a bit of mindfulness every day, it’s easy to forget ourselves below the neck, to go through life like floating heads…”

boy with a hat

woman on a chair beach painting

How aware of your body are you as you read this? When we are not preoccupied with the external world, the world of the senses, we tend to live in our head, among our thoughts. Unless we exercise, make love, shower, or experience physical pain, we can go about our business every day without being much aware of our body.

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I’m really grateful to have you as a friend, Elizabeth. Lots of love to you! ❤

The World at Large

Last Tuesday, I decided to host our friendsgiving. Amongst the millions of things I have to be thankful for, I am especially grateful for whatever supernatural, metaphysical, strange star alignment yet wonderful phenomenon that allowed for me to have the friends that I do.

Here’s to the yummiest food, and the best of company.

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The 43rd Annual FSPA Journalism Day: The Harbinger Wins Awards & Learns A Whole Lot More

This was my last Journalism Day. Definitely bittersweet!

The Harbinger

By Maria Vasquez

This past Saturday, October 17th, the Florida Scholastic Press Association held their 43rd Annual South Florida Journalism Day at Florida International University. Every year they have a different theme and this year’s theme was Star Wars. “The Media Awakens” included several seminars with titles that were a play on words to the movie.

IMG_20151020_215920 Daylin Delgado (left) and Carolina Espinal (right) ask Mr. DeFede questions about his journey as a journalist.

“Help Me iPhone, You’re My Only Hope” was one of the creative classes featured. Yearbook representatives spoke about how to advance a publication with a smart phone. Other classes taught student journalists about how to become a marketing “yoda” to sell yearbooks or how to “bring the galaxy home” and write stories about the local community.

Several Harbinger reporters attended Journalism Day. Our staff writers, Carolina Espinal and Daylin Delgado, wrote about the Keynote Speaker, Jim DeFede and a struggle he…

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Existentialism: What It Means To Me…

In my AP Literature class, we are reading Grendel. Before we began, my teacher, Mrs. Borges, gave us a lesson on Existentialism & Nihilism. Existentialism: The belief that there is no real purpose in life except the one you make for it. Humans define their own meaning of life. Nihilism: The rejection of all religious & … Continue reading Existentialism: What It Means To Me…

New Goodwill! #Thrifting

Not too long ago, I was driving home & I spotted a Goodwill Super Store I had not seen before. Turns out it is new & opened this past Saturday. My mom & I decided to check it out. I feel like there is much more room for improvement at this Goodwill. The "juniors" section was full … Continue reading New Goodwill! #Thrifting

The Color Nude: Neutral, Racist, Or Undecided?

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of things about the color "nude" on Twitter after BuzzFeed posted an article & video on the topic. This color controversy is something that I once debated about and I wrote a story on it: When Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless dress to a state dinner in 2010 and Naeem … Continue reading The Color Nude: Neutral, Racist, Or Undecided?

Difference Between Social Media Platforms

I love social media. I really do. However, if you sit back and think about all of the platforms– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Snapchat, Vine– you'll notice, they all do the same thing. What's the difference? The audience. And that is what determines how and what you post. Photos, filters, videos, captions, likes, favorites, shares–each … Continue reading Difference Between Social Media Platforms

Clueless Movie Analysis (Brave New World Dystopia)

I’ve always liked this movie. This one as well as Mean Girls are amongst my favorites but it’s not only the superficiality and drama that I enjoyed watching. This analysis explained the movie pretty well. I suggest you read the movie & then read the analysis! It’s kind of mind-blowing.

The Human Fiction

New, Video Version:

How delighted would be all the kings, czars, and fuhrers of the past…to know that censorship is not a necessity when all political discourses takes the form of a jest?
-Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death

Overview –Clueless is an interesting social experiment. The producers deliberately set out to make new trends for teenagers, even releasing a Clueless-inspired line of Barbie dolls, and these efforts were wildly successfully. But, at the same time, the film is a satire on the very people it was marketed to. It depicts a Huxleyian (as opposed to Orwellian) dystopia. We do not have to fear Big Brother as much as we have to fear the golden fetters of Clueless, the myth of human progress through material goods which drives us to laugh and dance all the way to slavery.

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