A Guide To Thrifting

For me, thrift shopping is the best retail therapy out there. There's nothing like finding something great and cute for an even better price. I created this guide in hopes of helping you find some awesome things the next time you hit up your local GoodWill, Salvation Army, Red/White/Blue Thrift, and so on. When it comes to thrifting … Continue reading A Guide To Thrifting


Photoset: Cancun & Cozumel

Took a quick trip to Mexico a few weekends ago & I got some lovely shots of different things around Cancun and Cozumel! Color palette: Photos:   Here are some pictures with me & my fam in Mexico!

The Ampersand

It's been a while since I've played with fonts or created something on InDesign & I miss it. Lately, I've grown an appreciation for ampersands, better known as the "and" sign & the #7 on your keyboard. I feel like the most important part of a graphic, visually, is the font. The font adds character and … Continue reading The Ampersand

Tallahassee Farmers’ Market

As I settle into college, I am working on creating a new routine. Something that will help make Tallahassee feel a little more like home.. A few Saturdays ago, a couple of friends & I decided to take the bus to go to the mall. Along the way, we saw that there was a Farmers' Market happening … Continue reading Tallahassee Farmers’ Market

#ThrowBack: Hillary Clinton Rally

In honor of Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman presidential nominee, here is a throwback post to when Elizabeth, Stephanie, & I went to the Hillary Clinton rally at FIU. It was a hot day, lines were long, & we had to wait a while before seeing HRC & her new V.P. pick, Tim Kaine, but it … Continue reading #ThrowBack: Hillary Clinton Rally

Here’s what happened May & June:

It's been a while since I've posted something... But I have good reasons (with photographic evidence) as to why! May Capstone: My school is an academy based school and within my academy and strand (Journalism) we have capstone. It's a project where we have to create a product or service that debuts all the skills we've … Continue reading Here’s what happened May & June:

#TreatYoSelf: Nitrogen Ice Cream

Have you ever heard of nitrogen infused ice cream? It's a pretty cool concept & it apparently tastes better than regular ice cream! This past Sunday, I visited Chill-N, an ice cream shop in Aventura. So why eat this ice cream? Well apparently, liquid nitrogen freezes really fast and that reduces the size of the … Continue reading #TreatYoSelf: Nitrogen Ice Cream