A Guide To Thrifting

For me, thrift shopping is the best retail therapy out there. There's nothing like finding something great and cute for an even better price. I created this guide in hopes of helping you find some awesome things the next time you hit up your local GoodWill, Salvation Army, Red/White/Blue Thrift, and so on. When it comes to thrifting … Continue reading A Guide To Thrifting


New Goodwill! #Thrifting

Not too long ago, I was driving home & I spotted a Goodwill Super Store I had not seen before. Turns out it is new & opened this past Saturday. My mom & I decided to check it out. I feel like there is much more room for improvement at this Goodwill. The "juniors" section was full … Continue reading New Goodwill! #Thrifting

The Color Nude: Neutral, Racist, Or Undecided?

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of things about the color "nude" on Twitter after BuzzFeed posted an article & video on the topic. This color controversy is something that I once debated about and I wrote a story on it: When Michelle Obama wore a sleeveless dress to a state dinner in 2010 and Naeem … Continue reading The Color Nude: Neutral, Racist, Or Undecided?

Finding Comfort in Thrift

I've been going to thrift shops ever since I was a little girl. My mother would take me everywhere from GoodWill and the Salvation Army to garage sales and church rummages. It's not that the clothes are cheaper (which is a plus) but a lot of times you find treasures in another person's closet. Throughout the years, … Continue reading Finding Comfort in Thrift

Lincoln Road

This past weekend, I went to Lincoln Road for the first time with my boyfriend. We were bored and had searched up "Free things to do in Miami." Isn't it funny how we live where other people vacation yet those tourists see more of Florida than we ever have? We thought it would be like … Continue reading Lincoln Road

Thrift Shopping

Photo Creds: missguidedmagazine.com No, I don't mean Macklemore's big hit "Thrift Shop." I'm talking about Good Will, The Salvation Army, Red White and Blue, Savers, Yard Sales, Garage Sales, and wherever else you can find cheap and used clothes. People are just now discovering that thrift shopping is a simple and cost effective way of … Continue reading Thrift Shopping