Tallahassee Farmers’ Market

As I settle into college, I am working on creating a new routine. Something that will help make Tallahassee feel a little more like home.. A few Saturdays ago, a couple of friends & I decided to take the bus to go to the mall. Along the way, we saw that there was a Farmers' Market happening … Continue reading Tallahassee Farmers’ Market


Body Awareness

“Without a bit of mindfulness every day, it’s easy to forget ourselves below the neck, to go through life like floating heads…”

boy with a hat

woman on a chair beach painting

How aware of your body are you as you read this? When we are not preoccupied with the external world, the world of the senses, we tend to live in our head, among our thoughts. Unless we exercise, make love, shower, or experience physical pain, we can go about our business every day without being much aware of our body.

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The Start of College

First week of college and we got hit by hurricane Hermine. Now, a month into college, things are settling down, and so far it's going well! There are so many things happening on campus all the time. There was an involvement fair last week where I signed up for a bunch of different clubs–Advertising Club, Portuguese Club, … Continue reading The Start of College

#ThrowBack: Hillary Clinton Rally

In honor of Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman presidential nominee, here is a throwback post to when Elizabeth, Stephanie, & I went to the Hillary Clinton rally at FIU. It was a hot day, lines were long, & we had to wait a while before seeing HRC & her new V.P. pick, Tim Kaine, but it … Continue reading #ThrowBack: Hillary Clinton Rally

Here’s what happened May & June:

It's been a while since I've posted something... But I have good reasons (with photographic evidence) as to why! May Capstone: My school is an academy based school and within my academy and strand (Journalism) we have capstone. It's a project where we have to create a product or service that debuts all the skills we've … Continue reading Here’s what happened May & June:

No Longer The Dancing Queen

This past Wednesday, I went to Target on my own to get some shopping done for my 18th birthday. I was headed home and while driving, I turned on the radio. "Dancing Queen" by Abba came on. I started singing along and that's when it hit me. I was no longer going to be the … Continue reading No Longer The Dancing Queen

#TreatYoSelf: Nitrogen Ice Cream

Have you ever heard of nitrogen infused ice cream? It's a pretty cool concept & it apparently tastes better than regular ice cream! This past Sunday, I visited Chill-N, an ice cream shop in Aventura. So why eat this ice cream? Well apparently, liquid nitrogen freezes really fast and that reduces the size of the … Continue reading #TreatYoSelf: Nitrogen Ice Cream