ATL (part two)

From April 18th to the 21st I visited Atlanta with FSU’s Advertising Club. They coordinated a trip to visit several different agencies in the ATL area! It was a great opportunity that gave me insight on what the world of advertising (and their agencies) look like. It also reassured my interest in Atlanta & possibly living there post-graduation. (Sorry, Mamae)

Here are some highlights from the trip!

Featuring a preview of my cute outfit (top left), 3 out of 4 agencies we visited (right column) & a picture of the lovely group of people I visited Atlanta with!
Top row is for my foodies! Yummy pizza, the best ice cream I’ve tried (Jeni’s) and some yummy ramen from Ponce’s. Last but definitely not least, the three amazing & wonderful women I got to enjoy Atlanta with. Shouts out to them ❤
Image may contain: Ruth Carrion, Maria Vasquez, Samantha Nuñez and Kirsten Grace, people smiling, people standing
Caught me mid-blink but here’s a picture of the four of us in better lighting!



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