On February 9th, I packed my car up and drove north to Georgia to see Tyler the Creator in concert the following day. I stayed at a cozy AirBnB in Duluth (about 30 minutes from Atlanta). It was cloudy, gloomy, and rainy all weekend but Georgia was still enjoyable. I visited the Atlanta Contemporary Museum of Art, a small exhibition but fun (and free) nonetheless. I drove through the Georgia Institute of Technology and saw their beautiful campus as well as their enormous bookstore. It was a short-lived visit but I’d head back to Georgia to see more of it any day.

On to the main event… Tyler the Creator! He performed at the Infinite Energy Arena, a huge venue in Duluth. We got there at around 3:30PM and the line was already at a decent length. Doors opened at 7:30PM but with the chaotic crowd and disorganized staff, they let us in a little earlier. The wait, despite being long and painful, was definitely worth it once Taco, Vince, and Tyler came on stage. Taco started off the night with a DJ set. He was funny and made a joke about how some girl from Atlanta broke his heart. Vince Staples had a lot of lights in his performances that definitely added an exciting element to the performance which hyped us up for Tyler. Finally, at 10PM (*side eye emoji*) Tyler gets on. The stage had trees and other nature elements that matched his album artwork. He’s definitely an entertainer and made a lot of jokes throughout the night. Hearing him live was amazing and each song tugged at your soul as a Tyler fan. He ended the night with my favorite, “See You Again” ft. Kali Uchis (my other fave) & wished us all a good night. I miss him.

Here are some pics! (Swipe left if on mobile!)



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