Tallahassee Farmers’ Market

As I settle into college, I am working on creating a new routine. Something that will help make Tallahassee feel a little more like home..

A few Saturdays ago, a couple of friends & I decided to take the bus to go to the mall. Along the way, we saw that there was a Farmers’ Market happening only a few stops away from campus. The following Saturday we attempted to go but we got there a bit late with not much going on. This past Saturday, however, we woke up early and made our way to the Tallahassee Farmers’ Market on Park Ave. It was filled with a variety of foods, arts and crafts, and music.

Rosy, Esmeralda, and I had a fun time and enjoyed the atmosphere. We hope to make visiting the Farmers’ Market every Saturday some sort of tradition. Here are some pictures of the market!

Rosy, a dear friend of mine, has an awesome blog filled with interesting pictures and recommendations from all the different places she’s traveled. Check it out & give it a follow if you like it! She has amazing photography & interesting tips: RosyEnRoute.wordpress.com


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