My Color of the Year

A little over a month into 2019 and I have yet to officially announce my color of the year on my blog. I also haven't written since last August... oops! Time flies & life happens but that's okay because it just means I have more to reflect on. Last year, red was my color and … Continue reading My Color of the Year


Summer In Tallahassee

I decided to spend #Summer2k18 in Tallahassee. Here are the pros and cons of such decision. PROS: Parking availability. VIP parking right next to my classes. Less people on the road, campus, gym, library, etc. The world is mine (and a select few). CONS: Hace un calor de [redacted]. It's hot. Rain, rain, and more … Continue reading Summer In Tallahassee

ATL (part two)

From April 18th to the 21st I visited Atlanta with FSU's Advertising Club. They coordinated a trip to visit several different agencies in the ATL area! It was a great opportunity that gave me insight on what the world of advertising (and their agencies) look like. It also reassured my interest in Atlanta & possibly … Continue reading ATL (part two)


On February 9th, I packed my car up and drove north to Georgia to see Tyler the Creator in concert the following day. I stayed at a cozy AirBnB in Duluth (about 30 minutes from Atlanta). It was cloudy, gloomy, and rainy all weekend but Georgia was still enjoyable. I visited the Atlanta Contemporary Museum … Continue reading ATLANTA & DULUTH, GA

My Color of the Year

Every year, I silently declare what color I deem best to express my sense of style and mood. For 2018, I choose RED. It's a primary color that many people associate with fire, passion, warmth, lust, stress, and warnings. 2018 is a big year for me– I'm applying to my major, which is a competitive … Continue reading My Color of the Year

My Top 10 Albums in 2017

This year, I discovered so many artists & my taste in music expanded immensely. It was a good year for music and I wanted to share my cream of the crop, the artists whose albums I fell in love with inside and out leaving behind no song. There were moments where I felt stuck, as … Continue reading My Top 10 Albums in 2017

A Guide To Thrifting

For me, thrift shopping is the best retail therapy out there. There's nothing like finding something great and cute for an even better price. I created this guide in hopes of helping you find some awesome things the next time you hit up your local GoodWill, Salvation Army, Red/White/Blue Thrift, and so on. When it comes to thrifting … Continue reading A Guide To Thrifting